Made by bankers, for bankers

For every type of bank

From global bulge brackets to boutique specialists, Pellucid helps investment bankers create compelling pitchbooks


Suitable for individual users or teams, Pellucid is quick to set up with an intuitive interface that makes it usable instantly. Data is seamlessly collected from your data provider and plotted into finished content all within a single, integrated platform. The curated library includes pitchbook essential content and polished, advanced data visualizations, each branded and fully customizable.

Middle market

Build inspiring pitchbooks and explore new ideas by using Pellucid's custom-designed visualizations. Content is fully branded and ranges from single charts to multi-page books, all quickly updated with a couple of clicks. Reuse completed work with instant reorder and fast editing to get the latest numbers, powered by data from your own providers and defined by you.

Bulge brackets

Pellucid connects directly to your global market data providers, allowing you to define calculation methodologies for different groups or industries. A custom-built content library features your most frequently used items, including bespoke optionality. Sort and filter options provide insight into trending content across your company.

And every type of banker

From analysts to group heads, the Pellucid platform transforms your financial data into day-to-day essential pitchbook content and advanced data visualizations

Analysts & associates

  • Create content quicker
  • More time to diversify and expand skill set
  • Off-load mundane, rinse-repeat tasks

VPs, directors, & MDs

  • Test new ideas, concepts, and data
  • Respond faster to clients and focus on developing strategic advice
  • Create consistent, high quality, advanced data visualizations and analysis


  • Reduce the resource burden of pitchbook creation
  • Integrate with current workflows
  • Benefit from happier, more productive employees

Why investment bankers use Pellucid

Increases productivity

Pitchbook essential content allows junior bankers to increase content output while decreasing time at the office

Elevates pitchbooks

Advanced data visualizations that uncover valuable insights and inspire new client conversations

Reduces resources

Dramatically reduces pitchbook resources by powering content creation with technology

Data confidence

Option to standardize calculation definitions and override values ensures consistency and confidence in plottable data

Fits with workflow

Integrates with workflow and processes, including PowerPoint delivery of content for easy insertion into client materials

Secure & protected

Designed to operate within company's own security protocols

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