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Pellucid is for corporates with a story to tell. It's a knowledge creation platform that makes it easy to produce strategically-intelligent content and data visualizations.

Corporate development

Relentless attention to quality, demand for flawless data and few resources means you need a robust software solution. Pellucid is the gold standard content creation platform for financial analysis content. Use it to create and share beautiful data-driven concepts, using your own or external numbers, customizing inputs to craft unique narratives.


You need to show not just the “how” and the “why” when recommending financing, but also the “why not.” Pellucid can help you create customized, powerful content that persuades your audience and helps them make decisions. Perfect your numbers in the Data Hub and select content from Pellucid’s extensive content library, filled with visualizations that add context and clarity to complex data sets. And, with access to all of your fulfilled content, you can easily edit and reuse content without having to start from scratch.

Investor relations

Collate and crunch numbers, prep and present data, show-off insights and showcase progress. From quarterly updates, to internal meetings, to preparing materials for non-deal roadshows, Pellucid enables you to collect the data you need and transform it into elegant, branded content that can be updated and used again and again. Make sure your materials are always looking their best and cut hours off your content creation time by using Pellucid.

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