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Data partners

Pellucid partners with leading and innovative data providers to deliver its users the financial and market data required to craft compelling pitchbook content

How Pellucid works

Used by global investment banks, boutique firms, management consultants and more, Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform that enables strategic advisors to provide intelligence and insights to their clients by creating unique data-driven content.

Who we work with

We work with global, full-scale data vendors and smaller, niche specialists to provide users with the data they need. This includes:

  • Fundamentals
  • Pricing and Market data
  • Estimates
  • Ownership
  • Industry metrics
  • Fixed income
  • Transactions
  • Privacy company

Data partnership benefits

By partnering with Pellucid, data providers are integrated into existing workflows, increasing access, efficiency, and reach.

  • Reach new audience as part of Pellucid's growing user base
  • Showcase data breadth and depth across multiple content pieces
  • Signal alignment with target audience on increasing efficiency of pitchbook creation process

Other opportunities


Use Pellucid in the classroom, training facilities, research, or academia.

Content creators

Create data-driven content with Pellucid to support news articles, features, or blog posts.


Integrate Pellucid into existing relationships for efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

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