A technology company with investment banker DNA

About us

Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform that enables strategic advisors to quickly create high-quality, data-driven visualizations

Our story

After decades in investment banking, Pellucid's co-founders decided something had to be done about the pitchbook creation process, unchanged since the introduction of Microsoft Office. The founders wanted to leverage technology to streamline the pitchbook process while offering industry-leading content.

We have a team of experts, assembled across eight disciplines


Wall Street wisdom


Engineering excellence

Data visualization

Advanced dot connection


Top-quality quants


Pixel perfection

Product design


Strategic advisory

Intelligent intelligence

Change management

Licensed navigators

Meet the leadership team

CEO and Co-founder

Adrian Crockett

Adrian's investment banking career spans three continents and multiple bulge bracket banks, culminating as Managing Director and Group Head of the Strategic Finance Group at Credit Suisse. At Pellucid, he is focused on bringing technology innovation to Wall Street and helping strategic advisors deliver exceptional value to clients.

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Chief Content Officer and Co-founder

Eric Rattner

Eric has been in investment banking his entire career with stints at JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse. At Pellucid he works on creating compelling, outstanding analytical content for clients and thinking up new visualizations to pack a powerful punch, all designed to industry-leading specifications.

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Chief Customer Officer

Jenn Giacobbe

Jenn oversees client services and marketing. Her goal is to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with the platform, and she is always looking for new ways Pellucid can make their life easier. She has over 16 years of experience in financial technology and is a board member of the New York Women's Foundation.

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Chief Operating Officer

Brett Crockett

Brett handles all the compliance and operational challenges at Pellucid, working hard to make sure the platform's infrastructure is 24/7 reliable, secure, and trustworthy. Having started his career in the investment banking industry, he ensures Pellucid can meet the rigorous demands of our clients while maintaining its flexibility and power.